Why building a personal brand is vital in a freelancing world?

Why building a personal brand is vital in a freelancing world?

Personal brand has been thrown around nowadays but why do we need it?

Many think that working hard means the higher you get paid. This the normal mindset of ordinary employees in the Philippines. However, in the course of time, a lot of people became smarter in terms of financial literacy. People who think of flexibility in time is an asset are the same people who usually in the freelancing community.

2% of the Filipino people  are in the clique of freelancing in the Philippines (2018). The people being self-employed is continuously growing and thousands of businesses established everywhere. But how can a simple freelancer stand out among these thousands of businesses around the country?

If one would observe the perception of the normal customers, most of them would probably answer that businesses can stand out due to their unique services and durable products. Some of them may also claim that customers will buy more of a business’s products and services if it is credible.

Where do you stand in the field now? Here is where personal branding comes in. This is your reputation. This is what others will think and remember about your business that can help you stand out from the competition. Branding can make your career successful though the help of an individual’s experience, expertise, connection, etc.

In a world where freelancing is the norm, personal branding is vital to success.


There are 3 main advantages to building a personal brand:

1) Being remarkable to your target audience

2) It entices numerous opportunities

3) You attract prospective clients.


Here is how you can achieve your personal brand:

  • If you want your brand to be memorable. It’s important that you have consistent colors and designs on your brand and that you create high-quality products or offer quality services. If someone already has a high level of trust in your brand, then they will most likely remember it when they need a product or service like yours.
  • A clear personal brand can also help you solve problems for your target audience. Give them what they need exactly and when they need it most. This can also help establish trust between you and your target audience because they know who they’re dealing with and why they should choose your product over others.
  • Finally, if people see what makes your brand different from other companies (including their competitors), then they’ll be more likely to choose yours over others. For example, between generic and branded medicines, most people would choose branded medicines because of their popular name thinking that it is more eligible and effective. That is the perfect example of why personal branding can attract prospective clients.


Final Thoughts:

Nowadays, personal branding is the most important part of building your online business. It helps you stand out, stay relevant, and can certainly make a difference in your career. You can create a differentiating factor that is needed in the competitive market to make your business successful.

In summary, to stand through thousands of businesses out there, one should take advantage of creating a personal brand.

If you want to know how to grow your business and how to create a personal brand for yourself, it is always best to invest in a company or an expert that can help you build a good reputation. The bottom line, a brand is essential to success.

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