About Us

Established in July 2017, Bequik Information Solutions Inc. is dedicated to helping the lower segment, medium size businesses which are looking for the same technical expertise made available to large enterprise companies.

Serving with zeal and enthusiasm, our mission is to help our customers analyze and transform their current and new operations and technology. Customers will interact with dedicated and experienced IT professionals whose sole mission is to create Practical IT Solutions, that will elevate and empower small to medium size businesses, to help them achieve maximum profitability. Thus, our customers can enjoy more cost-efficient and effective processes.

Strategic partnerships with the best names and the most promising productive technologies in the IT industry have been thoughtfully and strategically put together, transforming business end-to-end lifecycle with more efficient, effective, and budget-friendly processes and technology, solutions heretofore have only been seen in enterprise –grade data center architectures.

In order to deliver this commitment, Bequik will work side-by-side with every customer and will stop at nothing to provide the best cost-effective strategy and solutions, harnessing and combining the benefits of crucial technologies, overcoming integration challenges with internal and also third-party processes, enhancing information infrastructure to keep-up with the needs of their businesses.

Armed with a vast experience in supporting and servicing enterprise level organizations, we have developed strategies and solutions that have enabled us to lower cost and increase the quality of customer service and support to our customers, specifically for small to medium size businesses where cost is a deciding factor in everyday decision making, thus providing – Practical solutions, Phenomenal services.

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