To hire or to develop technology?

To hire or to develop technology

To hire or to develop technology? That’s the question.

Businesses today are faced with this pressing question. With their business roadmap already in place, and their technological transformation on top of their objectives, most companies are confronted with a dilemma, whether to hire additional employees or to develop and transform technological tools.

It will always be a convenient decision to lean more towards adding additional manpower, after all, the more employees, the more expected output. But what if you can increase your output in a more cost-efficient way, and without hiring additional headcount?

That’s where IT-managed services come in.

The utilization required to accomplish a certain task will always remain constant, adding additional headcount might accelerate the transformation, but only to a certain point. Hiring more workers to accomplish business objective might be a promising option at first, but only until the cost incurred pass way ahead of employee output.

When acquiring IT-managed services, you suddenly have an advantage of technological advancement, through the expertise of your IT Managed Services partner. Instantly, you double your capability, and have vast access to a wide IT specialization skills, as compared to hiring where you have to wait for every individual to be certified through training which may take a long time, during this time incurring the operational cost.

Technological progress, whether through the acquisition of new hardware or skill can indeed lead to sustained growth in output per worker, the rate of growth of output per worker depends on the rate of technological progress. This is the exact reason why despite the lockdowns when the pandemic hit, the domestic economy of the Philippines expanded by 7.1 percent, this adoption of technology helped the Philippine economy and is continuing to fuel growth initiatives most especially in the e-commerce sector.

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